Holohoax Remembrance Day

Saturday, January 27, 2024, the date of this post, is the anniversary of the so-called “liberation” of Auschwitz-Berkenau, has been designated as the International Holocaust™ Remembrance Day. I wouldn’t really have noticed except that a story about Elon Musk crossed my desk. Evidently he wasn’t bending over far enough to please the international Jewish community, and had to make the obligatory pilgrimage to the staged “death camp” of Auschwitz and proclaim that he was wrong when he accidentally spoke the truth responding to a post on his X platform:

He admitted to having been “naïve” about the extent of antisemitism until recently, saying that is because most of his friends are Jewish and he has had little contact with it in his own life.

He sparked an outcry in November, including from the White House, when he responded on X to a user who accused Jews of hating white people and professing indifference to antisemitism by posting, “You have said the actual truth.” He later apologized for the comment, calling it the “dumbest” post that he’s ever done.


Nice hat. Source: Yoav Dudkevitch/AP from Business Insider

Just to make sure he was back in good kosher graces, he added, “I’m like Jewish by association, I’m aspirationally Jewish.”


It is a confusing time to consider the Holocaust™ with Israel conducting it’s own genocidal campaign in Gaza and an increasing awareness generally of how insular, racist, and arrogant the Jewish community actually is. Even Jews themselves are getting confused, with anti-war demonstrations by Jews, and (believe it or not) a growing chorus of Jewish voices questioning if the sacred number of 6 Million® actually died in the Holocaust™.

Of course, anyone who spends any time actually researching the subject must come to the conclusion that the figure of 6 Million® isn’t only incorrect, it’s absurd. I am not going to belabor the facts of the matter here (though I will link to a few resources), as that is a post for another time. Simply put, the figure of six-million exceeds the total number of Jews who could have been killed, based on population assessments and estimates before and after the war.

[Accounting for emigration and using neutral third-party statistics] “…the Germans could not possibly have gained control over, or exterminated, anything like six million Jews. Excluding the Soviet Union, the number of Jews in Nazi occupied Europe after emigration was scarcely more than three million, by no means all of whom were interned. To approach the extermination of even half of six million would have meant the liquidation of every Jew living in Europe. And yet it is known that large numbers of Jews were alive in Europe after 1945.”

Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard Harwood

Instead, what really caught my eye, is the increasing number of Jews themselves who are acknowledging a truth for which they previously persecuted people for believing in.

For example (and this is from a Jewish news organization!):


The article acknowledges that the Six Million® number has become a sacred symbol for Jews. But Jewish researcher and historian Joel Rappel of Bar-Ilan University’s Institute of Holocaust™ Research decided to look into it, to find out when the number first appeared. He, like many others, assumed its first use in the Nuremberg Show Trials and again during the trial of SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann.

An article in the Unz Review states: “But it turns out that is not the case. Leaving aside pre-war uses of the “six million” [which can be explored here], “the first mention of the 6 million claim was at a meeting of high ranking Zionist political figures in Palestine on January 19, 1944 – more than a year before the war in Europe ended an a census could be taken, and a year before the Red Army entered Auschwitz.”

After Unger met with the Jewish groups and got them all on the same page, Haaretz published a small article a few days later that for the first time put the 6 million figure on the record, preceding German military leaders tortured into making confessions after the war. It doesn’t appear that Unger mentioned anything about homicidal gas chambers.

Rappel names Eliezer Unger, a Polish-Jew who helped lead the Hashomer Hadati religious Zionist youth organization, as the major figure in developing the count of Jews killed by the Nazis. Unger … stated his intention “to shock the entire world, all of humanity and our brothers the Children of Israel in particular.” Unger had no evidence for what he was saying, but he did not believe Rabbi Stephen Wise’s assertions in the international media in 1943 of 2 million Jews being killed was making enough of an impact.

The Haaretz article ends the revelation by quoting Eichmann’s chief prosecutor Gideon Hausner, who on the 6 million number stated: “In the consciousness of the nation the number 6 million has become sanctified. It’s not so simple to prove that. We did not use this number in any official document, but it became sanctified.” In other words, it’s a lie.


It is important to note that Haaretz isn’t a little one-off newsletter. It’s the longest running and third-largest paper in Israel.


Why would they do this?

Here’s one idea:

Here’s another:

But of course, it’s not just about the money. The Holocaust™ has been ““used quite unscrupulously to discourage any form of nationalism. Should the people of Britain or any other European country [and increasingly, the former United States] attempt to assert their patriotism and preserve their national integrity in an age when the very existence of nation-states is threatened, they are immediately branded as “neo-Nazis.” Because, of course, Nazism was nationalism, and we all know what happened then — Six Million Jews were exterminated!” In short, it has become a cudgel to beat people over the head with if they dare express any ideas of national pride or unity (unless it’s Israel of course). Source: Harwood as noted above.


Don’t believe everything you see. I found this quote telling as it shows how the narrative of “German bad, Jew good” was being shaped immediately after the war:

“A startling case of such forgery was revealed in the British Catholic Herald of October 29, 1948. It reported that in Kassel, where every adult German was to see a film representing the “horrors” of Buchenwald, a doctor from Goettingen saw himself on the screen looking after the victims. But he had never been to Buchenwald. After an interval of bewilderment he realized that what he had seen was part of a film taken after the terrible air raid on Dresden by the Allies on 13 February, 1945 where the doctor had been working. The film in question was shown in Kassel on 19 October 1948. After the air raid on Dresden, which killed a recorded 135,000 people, mostly refugee women and children, the bodies of the victims were piled and burned in heap of 400 and 500 for several weeks. These were the scenes, purporting to be from Buchenwald, which the doctor had recognized.”


Final thoughts:

This is a big topic and really, a bit of a rabbit hole. I know I’m only scratching the surface. But hopefully, I’m also giving people something to think about. Facts matter when forming opinions, making policy, or deciding what actions are appropriate. For too long the facts of the Holocaust™ have been ignored to better serve a Zionist agenda. So add this to the voices in the wilderness calling for clarity and truth.

I’m not denying that Jews were persecuted or died in Europe between 1933 and 1945. Of course they did. So did a lot of other people. If Jews want to call their experience A Holocaust™, that fine. But it was one among many. I would consider the fire-bombing of Dresden and other German cultural centers a Holocaust as well. I consider the Rape of Berlin in 1945 at the hands of the Soviets a Holocaust too. We White Europeans simply haven’t tried to monetize the experience. The Jews are professional victims who know how to use victimhood to line their pockets and further their own political agenda. The so-called Holocaust™ is one of their biggest tools.

“Schindler’s List” 1993. Budget: $22 Million. Box office: $322.2 Million.

In researching this post, I found an extraordinary amount of information and potential subject-matter that could easily make for long entries themselves, ie.: the real role of the Einsatzgruppen, the rebuilding/remodeling of Auschwitz after the war by the Soviets to fit a narrative they wanted to tell (and shift focus from Katyn massacre), the torture of German POWs at the Nuremberg Show Trials to extract false confessions to aid Jews in general and help establish the Israeli state in particular… and so on and on.

Here are some potential sites and resources of interest:

Publication: Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard E. Harwood
Publication: The First Holocaust by Don Heddesheimer
Publication: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century by A.R. Butz

Website: “Before and after the “Holocaust”: Jewish population numbers in 1933 and 1948” The Truth Seeker
Website: “A film tackles the taboo: Did six million Jews die in the Holocaust” [article on film. Interesting.] Times of Israel

Arbeit macht Frei!

Amerika Erwache!

4 responses to “Holohoax Remembrance Day”

  1. Johann Rhein Avatar

    Wonderful comments gentlemen. Thanks for crunching some of those numbers Dan.

  2. CelticSouth Avatar

    Never forget the millions who were starved, raped, stolen from, and killed under soviet occupation. Let us rather honor a real holiday, “Holodomor Rememberance Day”. Rest in peace to the victims of Communism, never forget and never forgive. A good commie is a DEAD one ☭ 🚫

  3. Dr. Johann Hauptmann Avatar

    There are so many facts that came out under closer inspection after the war, like the fact that there were NO traces of the infamous Zyklon B death gas left in the “showers” that were allegedly used as gas chambers, and that a chimney that was allegedly attached to a furnace for burning Jewish bodies was built *after* the war was over, by Jews, and wasn’t actually connected to *anything*. Or the grift being perpetuated even today by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews during television ads to aid “Holocaust survivors” in the former Soviet Union, when they are merely Jews who date back to that time, are not dead, and were never in a camp. The surfacing of the ethnic cleansing the Jews are currently involved in, among other truths being revealed, are tearing away the lies they have told for so many years, and it’s about time. They talk about Germans claiming to be a “Master race”, when they have been *actually* doing it for centuries, believing that according to their Torah, it’s just fine to kill anyone who is not a Jew, because the rest of us are a lower form of life. It’s too bad the 6 million killed number isn’t actually true, because if it was, we wouldn’t be having these problems with them today.

  4. Dan Schneider Avatar
    Dan Schneider

    When talking about Holocaust denial or minimization, there is one factor that people often overlook. First, for those who don’t know, Holocaust minimalization means that they believe in the attempted genocide, but don’t believe it could have been as many as six million Jews. Also, take into account there was supposedly an additional one million non-Jews making a total of seven million persons.

    The first question is, is it technologically possible to kill that many in just a few years? Bear in mind the organized killing supposedly didn’t start until around 1940, and the so-called deathworks machinery came even later. Is it possible? As they say, nothing is impossible, but it’s highly unlikely. But how they went about killing isn’t the only factor. Disposing of the bodies is another.

    Let’s stick with Auschwitz. In the 1980s there was a sign on Auschwitz stating that 4.4 milion people were murdered there. Today, that sign has been removed (with little fanfare) and a new one that reads 1.1 million were murdered replaced it. Where did the other 3.3 million go? Are they saying 3.3 million fewer were murdered than originally believed? Yet the overall figure of six million remains. Does that mean those 3.3 million were killed elsewhere like in other camps? The numbers for the other camps remain the same. The counts there neither rose nor declined. It seems we have a phantom 3.3 million floating around somewhere. Makes you wonder. At least it should.

    I should also point out there were three large camps (and many subcamps) called Auschwitz. The original (which is the one people visit today) was Auschwitz I Main Camp. It had one crematorium and supposed gas chamber (Crematorium I). After the larger Auschwitz II Birkenau was built, the killing machinery was supposedly moved there and Main Camp became an ordinary concentration camp. Birkenau had four Crematoriums and by this time the crematorium at Main Camp had been converted to a bomb shelter and was no longer in operation. Auschwitz III Monowitz had no crematoriums. It was a massive industrial complex that used mostly Jewish forced labor.

    There were no gas chambers. Those bunkers served as Leichenkellers or Corpse Cellars. They were morgues, not gas chambers.

    Each of the crematoriums had 15 ovens, or retorts as they are called. With four crematoriums, that’s 15 times four equals 60 retorts. Does that sound like a lot? Consider the following facts.

    It takes about one hour to cremate 100 pounds to a fine white ash suitable for sprinkling. This also includes warm up time for the retort which isn’t really a factor here because they were supposedly kept going 24/7 except when down for routine maintenance. Only three crematoriums were in operation at any one time. One was always down for maintenance. In fairness, the Nazis did not reduce the bodies to a fine, white ash. It was more of a chaulky grey powder which they buried. The process probably took about a half hour.

    Jewish workers claim that four bodies were placed into each retort. That is physically impossible. Four bodies simply would not fit, even if they were emaciated. Two bodies at say 100 pounds each would take one hour. One body, a half hour, two bodies one hour. You can’t cremated two bodies totalling 200 pounds in the same time you cremate one 100 pound body. Physics doesn’t work that way.

    If as the Jews claim, the Nazis gassed 1600 people at a time, they couldn’t gas another batch until that 1600 had been removed from the chamber and cremated. If all the bodies weighed an average of 100 pounds, it would take 800 hours to cremate the whole lot. Each crematorium could cremate a maximum of 30 bodies an hour. Do the math. 30 bodies times 24 hours equals 720 bodies a day at maximum. Not even half. These calculations assume maximum speed and efficiency at all times. I doubt the Jewish workers being forced to help in the extermination of their own people would work at top speed at all times. Looking at things realistically and taking into account worker fatigue, and possible little things going wrong, it would probably take close to a week to clear out and cremate 1600 bodies.

    The storytellers didn’t think too much about the logistics of what they were saying. When you factor in logistics, it just simply doesn’t work.

    What about the piles of corpses the Soviets found when they liberated the camp?

    You mean, what about the corpses they say they found. Since when does the United States take the Soviets word for anything? Yes, there were pictures of what were supposed to be murdered Jews, but who knows where those bodies came from. No one could actually prove any of those bodies were Jewish. They may not have even been real. A good filmmaker will tell you that almost anything can be faked on film.

    Okay, so let’s hit the nail on the head. Where there concentration camps? Yes. Did the Germans use forced labor? Yes. Not very kind, but war is cruel. Did they exterminate over a million people in Auschwitz Birkenau and dispose of most of the bodies before the camp was liberated? Highly unlikely.

    Oh, as to the source of the bodies that were filmed. There was a documented typhus epidemic in the camps, including Birkenau. In June of 1942 alone, near 5000 died from typhus in Birkenau alone. In July it was nearly 9000. Plus any deaths caused by other reasons like malnutrition, industrial accidents, and natural causes should be included. It would take them weeks to dispose of all those bodies. Typhus, btw, had no cure. It still doesn’t. It is spread by lice and the best way to combat it is through proper hygiene, meaning showers and delousing. A single lice is called a louse as in de-lousing. It can be combated with antibiotics, but the only antibiotic in existence then was penicilin, and it was limited in amount. Most of it went to the military, then to the civilian population. They wouldn’t have given a drug so limited in amount to prisoners.

    Also consider that if you were an SS Man, you are not going to want to work in a place where there are piles of bodies rotting in the sun everywhere you look. The stench would be unbearable to even the strongest of stomachs.

    All things considered, did some messed up stuff happen in the camps? Absolutely. War is messed up. Was it organized genocide? That’s a load of horse manure. I am of German ancestry. I am not going to stand by and allow a gigantic lie be put upon my people.