Who is this guy?

I am a White male, born in the United States, a college graduate, and a veteran of the United States Army, where I served as an infantryman.

I am a tax-paying citizen, a father, a husband, and a small business owner.

I do not promote hate, nor do I believe there is such a thing as, “hate speech”: there are only words, and the beliefs and feelings people try to convey with them.

Being biological organisms, we are subject to the same laws of nature as the rest of the animal kingdom. Accordingly, while humans are all of the same species, there are clearly different sub-species, often referred to as breeds, or the less formal “race.” By general definition, breeds have a “homogeneous appearance (phenotype), homogeneous behavior, and/or other characteristics that distinguish it from other organisms of the same species.” This being so:

– I am a racialist: I believe there are differences between the races. Racialist is often confused with racist (a belief in superiority of one race over another). I believe some races are better at some things than others. I do not believe one race is better at ALL things. Racialist is defined as having:
a. An emphasis on race or racial considerations, as in determining policy or, interpreting events.
b. Policy or practice based on racial considerations.

– I am an anti-Semite. I believe the Jews are a sub-species of the human species, like Whites, Blacks, Asians, etc., and have their own distinct biological make-up and culture. Unfortunately, historically, they cannot seem to keep to themselves and feel compelled to try and influence or change every other race around them. I am against that agenda, and therefore an anti-Semite.

– I am a White Separatist. I believe there are distinct characteristics to each race, some good and some bad. Because race and culture are inextricably linked, I believe races should “keep to themselves”. Individual colors of paint look beautiful, but mixed together in a hodge-podge they look like mud. True diversity, after all, requires differences.

– I am a National Socialist. I believe the United States was founded on as good a footing as was possible at the time. From a strictly ideological perspective, a representative Democracy is a wonderful idea. Indeed, I have over half-dozen ancestors who fought in the Revolution. Unfortunately, time has proven the form of our government, and especially our economic structure, to be inadequate and fatally flawed . It allows a small minority to advance their own agenda over the well-being of a homogeneous majority. National Socialism addresses this by allowing for the fact that the Volk are a community consisting of individuals with a common background, heritage, and culture and defends against the muddying influence of other agendas and races that run contrary to the needs of the Volk. You can find a clear and more comprehensive explanation here.

– I am a proud member of the American Nazi Party. No other organization is working as hard or as honestly to further the cause of National Socialism in this country. If you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to visit their site. It is not enough to sit idly by and bemoan the gradual overt destruction of the White race. Once it is gone, it will be gone forever. I urge you to visit the ANP, and consider doing your part to preserve our race.

Why “Amerika Erwache!” ?

Amerika Erwache! is German for America Awake!
It is both a relevant expression NOW, and a nod toward the Deutschland Erwache! campaign in Germany in the 1930’s. Interestingly, the situation in Germany after WWI and during the Weimar years is very similar to the situation in America at this time.

Also, as you might surmise from the name Johann Rhein, I am of German ancestry. Johann is a family name (and I mean, the WHOLE family: in one generation I found a family with four Johanns: the father (Johann) and the sons (Johann Heinrich, Johann Anton, and Johann Josef). Rhein is because the family comes from a town along the Rhine River.

What’s with the logo?

Modeled after the Party pins of Nazi Germany, the Amerika Erwache! pin uses the traditional German colors (Black, White, Red) and incorporates the Broken Sunwheel or open Suncross or Swastika, affirming hope, action, and rebirth. The Swastika itself, of course, goes back to at least the bronze-age and is found in many different cultures. “The swastika was the quintessential and mightiest Germanic “good luck charm,” and was believed to take its bearer from one state of being – that of chaos, the mundane, and weakness – to another – that of sacred order and strength. In its many forms it seems to have been as central to the pre-Christian religion of the Germanic peoples as the cross was (and is) in Christianity.”*

Of course, the swastika is also associated with Nazi Germany and I could not be prouder of those brave men and women who, from 1923 to 1945, struggled against the overwhelming tide of Judeo-Communist expansion.

The struggle continues. Amerika Erwache!