I do not want to tell you what to think. I want to offer something to think about.

The primary mission of this site is to increase awareness of the forces and influences seeking to change, destroy, or erase the heritage and culture of the White race. Given the volume of information a person is exposed to on a daily basis, it can be easy to miss significant stories or general patterns in our society. I see this site as a flashlight in the dark, serving to illuminate specific points of interest relevant to the overall purpose.

This is not a hate site. I do not hate anyone. I do not believe you should either. Instead of hating others, I choose to spend my time and energy loving my race, and working for its betterment. I believe all persons, regardless of race or creed, should be free to develop and live as they choose. But it must be recognized that not everyone is going to agree on how to live and the society they wish to create. Accordingly, it is appropriate for some to distance themselves from others and seek comfort and care from the like-minded. I don’t like Black culture. I don’t like Jewish culture. I’m not saying those cultures are necessarily bad- for them- or have nothing to offer. I am simply saying I do not wish to be a part of it.

Think about it. This country has tried to cajole, blend, mash-together, and mix many many different races and cultures together for a LONG time. How well has that worked? Do you believe we’re doing great and everything is peachy-keen? Is it not possible that, good intentions aside, it is simply not realistic? Might there be an alternative approach?

The secondary purpose of this site is to educate others on the advantages and benefits of a new political system for the United States: National Socialism.

Anti-violence stance:
As should be clear from the above, this is not a site seeking to promote hate. In addition, it outright condemns violence. Attacking or harming others at best serves no purpose, and at worst, runs completely contrary to the goal of protecting and preserving our race. If you or someone you know is looking for a reason or excuse for attacking a person or group of people, I beg you:
Please Don’t!

I do not know who will read this site. But if you are one of those people who feels like physical aggression is called for, please consider:
– Hurting innocents absolutely serves no purpose and achieves nothing. You will not be a hero.
– You are not going to “win”. At present, no matter how much ammo you carry or how many guns you have, the authorities will have more. Bet on it.
– Recognize that violent action actually helps the very people you are attacking! Pro-White people do not control the media or the national narrative. Every time a racially motivated attack happens it is blamed on “White Supremacists” and furthers THEIR narrative, not ours. Ironically, this is true even if the attacker wasn’t White!
– It is worth noting that even Adolf Hitler, after trying to foster change through aggressive action in 1923, recognized that the only real way to achieve his goals and acquire real power was working INSIDE the existing system. Sadly, it is a lesson the communists in our country have learned too. Now it’s our turn.

Links found on this website:
Although everything on this site is my opinion and nothing more, I do try to be as factual as possible. To that end, I often link to other sites and sources so that you can have access to the same information I had in forming my opinion. The sites themselves have no idea I am doing this and have not approved such use in any way.

American Nazi Party:
I will mention and link to the American Nazi Party quite often. I am a proud member of that Party and think you should be too. However, it must be understood that the ANP has no affiliation with this website, does not control it, does not monitor it for content, and is in no way responsible for the information on this site. It has not been approved or officially endorsed by the ANP.


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