Jewish Backwash- Part B

A continuation of The Unified Theory of WTF, part 2b.
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The previous post highlighted a short video which introduced the Frankfurt School of thought/philosophy as a better starting point to understand what is happening in our culture and served somewhat as a rebuttal to the Yuri Bezmenov interview, which focused on the subversive elements of Soviet international efforts.

As the narrator (presumably Academic Agent) states:
“…the problem with Yuri’s narrative is that the ultimate source of the demoralization program he describes was not Moscow, but Frankfurt, and specifically the Frankfurt School…”

In this post, I just want to highlight a few of the points raised in the video that caught my attention.

Frankfurt School Leading Thinkers
Founders and leading thinkers of the Frankfurt School

As noted, the FS left Germany after Hitler came to power (can’t imagine why), first going to Geneva, then Columbia University (home of the The Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies, and at which- currently- 22.3% of the undergraduate population is Jewish).

The video states:

While there the Frankfurt School devoted much thought to what had gone wrong in Germany from their perspective and located the problem in both the German mindset, which is to say, the psychology of the German people, and in German culture… Anti-semitism, for example, was diagnosed as a pathology..

I had to review this statement several times, and look up the meaning of pathology, as I was flabbergasted. In fact, let’s start with that:

noun,plural pa·thol·o·gies.

  1. the science or the study of the origin, nature, and course of diseases.
  2. the conditions and processes of a disease.

According to them, anti-semitism is a disease. A mental illness to be found in the German (I think we can substitute Aryan or White here) psyche, and which is expressed in both attitude and culture. In other words, if you don’t like Jews, you must be mentally ill.

That’s one hell-of-an assertion.

Have you ever tried to explain, politely and methodically, why you don’t like Jews? I have. It usually doesn’t go well because, just like the “pathological” assumption above, the other party isn’t interested in differing points of view or facts. And now I see that this is not surprising- indeed, to be expected- if they assume that I am diseased because of my anti-Semitic beliefs. In short, if you think Jews as a group have too much influence (politically, financially, in the media, etc); disagree with Israeli state policy; point out the hypocrisy of Jewish attitudes toward non-Jews, or hold them accountable generally for the actions of groups which they fund, you are “pathological”.

To address this pathology, the video states:

“…Horkeimer had drawn up plans for nothing less than the total re-education of the German people, the aims of which were “the mental transformation of the German human being, culture, and society…”

Do you think it stopped with the Germans? Given the Alphabet People’s assault on decency and unremitting attempts to indoctrinate children, I found it interesting (if a little weird) that while I was cleaning my garage I came across a stack of old Life magazines, one of which (10/08/1945, page 77) proudly boasting about re-educating German youths:

“Highlights” from the magazine include:

…the American Army has been undertaking to re-educate the great problem children of Europe, the Hitler Youth…The Americans have tried, in this brief four-month semester between war and peace, to discredit their exaggerated Nazi admiration for nation, army and race

The video also states:

When the second world war ended, the allied powers embarked on a program called denazification: a vast propaganda effort essentially to convert the German population from supporting Nazism to supporting liberal democracy…Horkheimer’s plan…was here effectively adopted as the official policy of the U.S. federal government in order to achieve its aims…General Eisenhower set-up the Institute on Re-education of the Axis Countries, stating only an inflexible long-term occupation authority will be able to lead the Germans to a fundamental revision of their recent political philosophy. This was under the auspices of the psychological warfare division of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force.

Interestingly, I found a Life magazine (03/18/1946) which again boasted of American efforts to remold minds into the program originally conceived by the Jewish Frankfurt School:

“Highlights” include:

Prisoners again heard the music by composers like Mendelssohn [Jew], Offenbach [Jew]…offered works of verboten authors like Mann [homosexual, Jewish wife], and Werfel [Jew] …

The video points out that “Sydney Bernstein [Jew], the chief of the psychological warfare division in 1946, said the aim of this program was to shake and humiliate the Germans…”

Lastly, the video does a good job bringing it home:

…since 1949/1950, the institutions and processes that were set up in the direct aftermath of World War II continued largely unchecked. … No one person needed to be in charge of this: it worked almost by itself as Frankfurt School type thought came to dominate Western universities in the 1960s and onward, not as a result of infiltration from Moscow, but as a form of continuation from systems, institutions, and programs that have been set up by the Frankfurt school and their allies in the 1940s.

If the original sin of the Germans was to be the Holocaust, each other country would find its own original sin: in Britain it was the Empire and colonialism; in America it was slavery and racism.

Now, in 2020, all of these things have coalesced into one unifying concept called whiteness, and for the re-education program to be completed.

In short, we’re seeing, in the madness that is our society today, the backwash of a Pro-Jewish, Pro-Communist, Anti-White agenda started many, many years ago. The left-over dregs of WWII propaganda.

When I get into discussions about WWII and state my pro-German leanings, I occasionally get a snarky comeback like, “Yeah, well, who won the war?”.

To which I reply, “Oh that’s easy: the Jews.”

Amerika Erwache!