Soviet Backwash

backwash, n. 1) a condition, usually undesirable, that continues long after the event which caused it.

Unified Theory of WTF, Part 1

First, apologies for missing a week of posts. I offer the usual excuses revolving around “life happens”.

The other reason is probably relevant to you too: so much news, coming so quickly, that it becomes overwhelming and difficult to know where to begin. Some event transpires or some report is released or some new law is proposed or passed and I start researching to post about it, only to have the ground completely shift a day later. I like this blog to be: 1) current; 2) well documented; 3) relevant. If I can’t meet those standards, I would rather not post. In the real world (I’m looking at you MSM), facts matter.

I’ve decided, in the interest of keeping things current and manageable, to still do “short and sweet” posts to bring items onto the reader’s radar. But some topics deserve more time, research, and documentation. Those post will be broken into a series or “parts”. This is the first part of what I believe to be my attempt to answer a couple of questions which have been bothering me recently.
Sort of a “Unified Theory of WTF”.

As I considered various topics to focus on, I noticed that it was beginning to feel like I was putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

Amerika has clearly gone off the rails: intelligence agencies spying domestically, subverting our elections; the military more interested in trans-gender rights than defending the country (whatever the hell “trans-gender” is. The more you think about it, the less sense it makes); politicians openly working for foreign governments; schools teaching that White = Bad; and so on….

That there are knuckle-heads try to promote these things doesn’t surprise me. Throughout the history of humanity there have always been idiots.

However, idiots in a normal-functioning society usually don’t get very far.

That no longer seems to be the case, at least here in Amerika.

Again, it’s not the idiots, per se, that bother me. What concerns me are two things: 1) Blatant propaganda via a state-run media: Why is the mainstream media no longer interested in exposing idiots for what they are, and; 2) No consequences: As is increasingly evident, there is a two-tier system of (in)justice: At a certain level of power, wealth, or utility (I’m looking at you Sleepy Joe) a person is no longer held accountable for their actions, even if those actions are criminal.

A question popped into my head: How did this happen?

Which brings us to what I like to call Soviet Backwash.

I’m not sure how I stumbled across the video of Yuri Bezmenov. I thought I had discovered something very unique, only to learn that it is a rather well-known interview from 1984. So maybe you have already seen it, maybe not. But in light of recent events, I think it is worth viewing. Here is the link: interview

A couple of points:
1. Obviously this is a clip from a much longer interview. A simple (J)ewtube search for “Yuri Bezmenov” will bring up the full interview, as well as many videos discussing Yuri and his assertions.

2. Whether the madness we are experiencing today is a direct result of Soviet ideological warfare or not, there is no denying what he describes appears to be consistent with our experience as a nation over the last few years. What I found most stunning was that this was presented in 1984, and yet seems tailor-made for how our government, media, and educational institutions are acting today. Perhaps what he says explains why- again, at least in part.

This is but a piece of a large puzzle. Are we reaping the rewards of Soviet/Marxist efforts to undermine our country left over from the Cold War? Sort of an ideological landmine?

I think the answer is partly “yes”. But there is more to it than that. Next we will look at the Frankfurt School and post-WWII efforts to re-educate “wrong thinkers”.
But you have to start somewhere, and this seemed like a good place.

Most of it is done by Americans to Americans thanks to lack of moral standards. As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him even if I shower him with information, with the authentic proof, with documents, with pictures…
Yuri Bezmenov, 1984

Amerika Erwarche!