Crime Sanctuary

Apologies if this reads as a rant. Sometimes my head just wants to explode. Consider this an opinion piece and I thank-you for your indulgence.


I didn’t watch the televised State of the Uniparty wherein the all-but-embalmed Commander and Thief did his best to read the drivel some cadre of woketards pasted on his teleprompter. I could be wrong, but I imagine it was more of the “he said, she said” political circle-jerk.
No, what caught my eye was the announcement earlier in the week that New Yrk was deploying troops and state police to manage the subways.

I remember a time when I took a small measure of pride in that we, as a country, could go about our daily lives without seeing machine-gun totting guards monitoring the populace. That sort of thing was relegated to certain eastern European nations and third-world countries.

Not any more.

Thanks to the ridiculous and willfully destructive policies of the US government, our nation is descending into anarchy and martial law. How long before the National Guard is deployed on every street corner to enforce the will of the political elites? How long before the regular Army is tasked with maintaining law-and-order?

The claim is that such action is necessary to contend with an increase in crime. This is absurd. It is treating the symptoms, not the cause. Send the troops to the border and STOP the invasion!

It is interesting to note that the first city to deploy troops is a “Sanctuary City.” These cities have made it official policy NOT to enforce immigration law; not to deport illegal immigrants; not to prosecute to the full extent of the law those criminals deemed as being in a “protected class” (ie., illegal immigrants, minorities, left-wing protesters, or Biden family members).

As a consequence, crime rates have risen across the nation. This is not solely due to illegal immigration of course- the unspoken message that some crimes might be prosecuted and others not (meaning the rule of law is no longer extant) certainly has something to do with it- but there is no doubt that allowing MILLIONS (estimated between 10 to 15 million) of undocumented, unvetted, uneducated, and unaccountable foreigners into our country certainly plays a role in the increasing lawlessness.

Encounters on the southern border of those trying to enter the U.S. without authorization have gone up significantly under President Joe Biden. Government statistics show that in the initial processing of millions of encounters, 2.5 million people have been released into the U.S. and 2.8 million have been removed or expelled.

Counting on the ignorance of the American people, politicos are pushing a narrative that the crime rate is actually down, and therefore immigration policy has nothing to do with public safety. And it is statistically true that the rate of violent crime is down from its all-time high. But it is nowhere near pre-pandemic levels when our society seemingly went off the rails:

According to the Council on Criminal Justice:

  • Gun assaults were down 10% from 2022-2023, but were 42% higher than 2019
  • Aggravated assaults fell 3% in 2023, but were up 8% from 2019
  • Carjackings dropped 9% 2022 to 2023, but were up 93% from 2019. No, the 9 and 3 are not reversed.

Granted: correlation does not necessarily imply causation. But when you are dealing with lives of American citizens, better to err on the side of caution. The numbers above make the following chart more interesting:

In short, the rate of violent crime is substantially higher than before the pandemic. The rate of illegal immigration is substantially higher than before the pandemic. Hmm. I’m not saying illegal immigration is the sole cause of the higher crime rate. I am saying it is a part of it. And it is a part that doesn’t need to happen if we would simply close our border. One less crime is one less victim. And let’s not forget:

Anyone entering the country illegally is, by definition, a criminal. They need to be treated as such.


What really concerns me is this: what if illegal immigration is also just a symptom and not a cause? By that I mean: assuming the current ruling class is (1) fully aware of the “border crisis”, (2) not only refusing to do what is necessary to resolve the crisis, but (3) is actually deliberately making it worse, and therefore (4) using it as a tool to further their own power.

Seen in that context, the willful creation of a “border crisis” and deployment of National Guard and other forces to American urban centers suddenly starts to make terrifying sense. Now they’ve got the “boots on the ground”- our ground.

I’m not much of a prognosticator, but let’s do an experiment. Here is a map of the “Sanctuary” cities. I’ve placed a check mark over New Yrk. That means troops have been deployed, officially, and armed, to police the general public.

I predict we will see more of this over the coming year, and like dominoes falling, it will be one “Sanctuary” city after the other. Then it will expand from there.

Amerika Erwache!