No Whites Allowed

By now you’ve likely heard of the kerfuffle with Boston Mayor Wu who, honoring what is evidently a long-standing tradition (of 10 years), sent an invitation to a holiday party to everyone in city government, then quickly corrected it to make it clear: only non-whites are invited.

Of course, the woke media immediately moved to her defense, pointing out that it has become something of a tradition to host this party, and quoting council members who support the discrimination:

Now, let’s be clear: neither I, nor any other white person I know, would want to sit around that table. Furthermore, and this is the key point, the real issue to me is not that the Whites were excluded from a dinner party. In fact, I absolutely agree with Councilor Leuijeune. One of the stated missions of the American Nazi Party is to create a place where White people are free to be amongst their own kind, free from foreign cultural influences and racial contamination in both body and mind. In other words, as the Councilor said: “It’s [about] creating spaces for people and communities and identities with shared experiences to come together.” A perfect description of what we want to see… for White people.

And I really like Mayor Wu’s comment. After all, one could consider the American Nazi Party as really nothing more than “a longstanding affinity group.” ! Perfect!

No, the real issue is the HYPOCRISY: it doesn’t take an active imagination to guess what the response would be if a WHITE mayor issued an invitation for WHITES ONLY.

All these people who say it is okay for minorities to huddle in exclusive groups and shun the company of Whites, that it is perfectly fine to build coalitions and communities as long as it is not a White coalition or community, would be the first people cry “Racism!” if a White mayor tried to have a Whites only dinner party. Either they truly don’t see the ironic hypocrisy, or they do and they don’t care because our woketard society lets them get away with it.


Amerika Erwache!


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  1. Dan Schneider Avatar
    Dan Schneider

    There’s not much more I can add. Comrade Rhein has said it all very well. I would love the opportunity to ask Mayor Wu, Councilor Leuijuene, and Councilman Arroyo why it’s good for people of color to have their own space where they can feel safe from Whites but Whites can’t have their own space and feel safe from them.