UAPs and National Socialism

Tin-foil hat anyone?

Disclaimers and Apologies:

1: As mentioned before: We at Amerika Erwache! hope to give our readers something to think about, not tell them what to think. This is especially true with this topic.

2: I am a fan of Ockham’s Razor: Numquam ponenda est pluralitas sine necessitate (“Plurality must never be posited without necessity”), which we often modernize to “The simplest explanation is usually the best one.” So, for example, I see no reason to suggest Alien Astronauts built Stonehenge, when it is increasingly apparent that we moderns have simply underestimated the technical ability of our remote ancestors. In short, I like to wear many hats, but none of them are made of tin-foil.

3. The American Nazi Party does not have an official position on the issue of Non-Human Intelligence, Aliens, or other esoteric, fringe topics. Furthermore, it is not my purpose or role to state or create such a position. The only person who can do so is the Party Chairman. All others, including myself, are simply speculating and sharing our own thoughts and beliefs and in no-way represent the Party as a whole.


According to a PEW research study, 65% of Americans believe there is likely life on other planets, and 51% believe UFOs are evidence of intelligent life outside of Earth.

I fall into the 51%. Indeed, there seems to be an increasing clamor about UFOs and associated phenomena, and tomorrow, July 26, 2023 there is to be a Congressional investigation regarding the existence of UFOs (or UAPs as they are now called), and the associated cover-up by the American government of the matter.

Why is this relevant to Amerika Erwache!?

Simply put, as the situation has developed I have begun speculating what impact “Disclosure” (official acknowledgment of Non-Human Intelligence) would have on National Socialism. Would the political, economic, and cultural underpinnings of National Socialism still be relevant if humanity as a whole were faced with confronting the undeniable proof that “we are not alone”, that humanity is but one form of life in a much larger framework, and that Aliens interact with- and perhaps even live on- this planet?

One line of thought is that Disclosure would erase the “petty” differences between human races. After all, biologically we are all human. As Ronald Reagan said in 1987: “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. “

I call this the Kumbaya Effect, where everything we’ve ever cherished, all the differences in class, race, intelligence, morality, and culture vanish and we all hold hands and dance in circles around the bonfire of our past beliefs.

Not going to happen.

The reason it isn’t going to happen, as far as I am concerned, is the same reason I believe Disclosure will have no impact on National Socialism.

Here’s why.

The foundation of National Socialism is rooted in the Volk: the people of common blood, common culture, and common history. For Aryans, this is fundamentally a White European lineage. The sense of belonging, of pride, of willingness to sacrifice for my people doesn’t change if the outside threat is from Mozambique or Mars. My people, my Volk, are who they are and with whom I identify. Disclosure doesn’t change the past or alter who my ancestors were.

Sure, if they go all “Falling Skies” on us and try to wipe-out humanity, I have no problem working with any race or creed to kick the critters off the planet. The enemy of my enemy and all that. But afterward, it’s business as usual with the same challenges we face now: people are different, cultures are different, and I like mine better.

From the Office of the Director National Intelligence, Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, 25 June 2021

There may be other forms of intelligent life beyond humanity (and, at times, I wonder about humanity actually being an intelligent form of life). Fine. But that doesn’t in any way negate the racial or political differences on this planet. White is still White. Black is still Black. I still have a visceral, sickening feeling when I am around Jews. Aliens or not, I still don’t want the Alphabet People teaching grade-schoolers how to bugger each other, or sell all our farmland to China, or pay silly reparations to people who would spend the money in three-weeks on crack and guns.

These considerations could become very important. If true Disclosure happens, you can bet your bottom-dollar that there will be a HUGE push to “unify” humanity by declaring race to be non-existent or irrelevant, create a single World Government, and marginalize, if not flat-out erase, our past cultural and racial history. Well, more-so than is already happening. Disclosure will be THE ultimate excuse. And the sheeple, being frightened of the big-bad-bug-eyed-aliens will do whatever the Uniparty tells them (cf., vaccines, masks, lockdowns, etc).

Be ready. Think now where you stand in relation to Disclosure. Does it change your core beliefs? Does it matter to you if the cultural wave trying to erase your heritage is neo-Marxist, or Disclosure-inspired globalism? Would Disclosure make being White irrelevant to you? Or would it reinforce how very important it is now to stand firm with your racial brothers and sisters as the threat increases exponentially against us? If Aliens are going to judge and interact with humanity, we must guard against being painted with the broad-brush of Globalism such that our very distinctness, our core ancestral heritage, is erased.

Be ready.

Amerika Erwache!


The whistleblower video: