Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, mein Führer

Today is doubly special for me: It is the Führer’s birthday! And, today marks 5 years that I have been a member of the American Nazi Party!

With all of the vile things happening in this country, there is so much to cover. But occasionally it is important to remember where we come from to better understand where we want to go.

I debated on how to mark today. I thought about sharing some portions of the Führer’s speeches, and linking them to events today to demonstrate how relevant they are. And I will probably still do that (along with George Lincoln Rockwell. It’s almost frightening how if you didn’t know when he wrote White Power, you would think he was editorializing about events in the news today).

But I decided to go a different route.

Adolf Hitler is now what we would call a “polarizing figure”. We won’t go into why that is here (Allied propaganda, Jewish™ opportunism, etc). What is often forgotten is that he wasn’t “evil” or a “monster” or “the devil”. He was a man. Nothing more and nothing less. He was, for want of a better term, human.

Too often he is portrayed as a ranting, scowling, angry demagogue. So to honor his memory I’ve chosen to share some pictures of the Führer… smiling. He, like you, had good days and bad. Let’s look at the good days.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, mein Führer!

1918 – Hospital

Amerika Erwache!