Citizen of the Day

Apologies for not posting more, or sooner. It’s been a week.

Originally I had hoped to post on the 162nd anniversary of the War of Northern Aggression… er, Civil War to you Yankees… but yesterday did not go as I had planned.

Anyway, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to briefly share something I ran across this morning. It was originally posted on Twitter (I found the link, but I don’t Tweet), and believe it’s in that golden example of what our government can do for you: Commiefornia.

It speaks for itself (but it’s okay, it ends well):

Citizen of the day.

I’m not a fashion expert, but those undies make his butt look big. If he can “go shopping” and wave around wads of cash, then drive off in a new Cadillac, couldn’t he afford a belt? Maybe his baby-daddy never showed him how to use one.

If these are the type of people “diversity” wants us to live with, I’m not interested. He’s certainly entitled to be who he is, and live the way he wants. But I’m not, nor should I be, a part of it. To that end, consider what the ANP has to say about it:

We believe that the Aryan population of this continent should be free, along with all the peoples of good will, to pursue its separate destiny according to the principles of self-determination and racial solidarity in a sovereign state representing its vital needs and interests. We must have an all-White National Socialist America; an America in which our children and our grandchildren will play and go to school with other White children; an America in which they will date and marry other young people of our own race; an America in which all their offspring will be beautiful, healthy White babies. We must have an America in which our cultural, social, business and political life is free of alien, Jewish influence; an America in which White people are the sole masters of our own destiny.

…”an America in which White people are the sole masters of our own destiny.” Not the negro packing a gun who can’t seem to figure out how to pull-up his pants.

Amerika Erwarche!