Spring Blitz!

The American Nazi Party is kicking-off its annual Spring Blitz Literature Campaign wherein we are all asked to put extra effort in distributing literature, flyers, and information in our neighborhoods and where it will be most effective and productive.

New this year is “targeted focusing”: The leadership will suggest a specific type of location to focus your efforts. For example, this month (March), the focus is on using small leaflets and cards in bookstores and libraries, as well as the magazine section in grocery stores.

ANP flyers can be found on their website (here), or you can print your own. Personally, I find business-card size material to be very easy to tuck inside books, magazines, etc. Here is a link to business-cards.

Be smart. The purpose of this is to grow our numbers and educate- not agitate. For example, it makes sense to put a flyer or card in a book about National Socialism, or a WWII history magazine, or a biography of George Lincoln Rockwell or Adolf Hitler. The people looking at these are obviously interested in these things. It doesn’t make sense to put one in some drivel written by Michelle Obama or Elie Wiesel.