Africa Thanks You

Our so-called government (of the unwashed masses, by the elite, for the privileged few) recently passed a heinous monstrosity they called a “Budget”. It was 1,012 pages of spending authorizations (downloadable here) so hurriedly presented that Congress had less than 72 hours to read, debate, and review before being required to vote on it.

Naturally, it passed with no problem.

Total cost: $1.2 Trillion dollars (that’s $1,200,000,000,000). For one year.

I tried to read it.

I made it to around page 300 before my vomit bucket threatened to overflow: a hundred million here, tens of millions there, a paltry couple of billion dollars on that… there’s only so much a stomach can take.

The cost to every person who filed a tax return last year averages to $8,108. Yes, that $8,108 out of your pocket. For one year.

Obviously a complete accounting of how that money is being spent would take.. well.. a thousand pages.

But here are a few gems:

  • $200,000,000 for the Gender Equity and Equality Action Fund (section 7059)
  • $250,000,000 “to implement a multi-year strategy to prevent and respond to gender-based violence in countries where it is common in conflict and nonconflict settings.”
  • $535,000,000 for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, so long as no funds are used “to aid or support any program or activity from which any person is excluded, or is denied benefits, or is discriminated against, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, or sex

And there was the odd:

  • None of the funds made available by this Act may be made available for any member of the Taliban. (SEC . 8113)
  • None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to support any activity conducted by, or associated with, the Wuhan Institute of Virology. (SEC . 8142. )

It is interesting those last two points had to be spelled out. Sort of makes you go “hmmm, what were we doing in the past?”


Then something caught my eye: “For carrying out the Museum and Library Services Act of 1996 and the National Museum of African American History and Culture Act, $294,800,000.” [page 597]

Hmm. You don’t suppose… Yep. Africa. Looks to me like we’re already paying reparations:

  • Of the funds appropriated by this Act, not less than $451,000,000 shall be made available for water supply and sanitation projects… of which not less than $225,500,000 shall be for programs in sub-Saharan Africa. (page 962)
  • …not less than $247,000,000 shall be made available for clean energy programs, including in support of carrying out the purposes of the Electrify Africa Act … and implementing the Power Africa initiative. (page 965)
  • …not less than $12,000,000 shall be available for HIV prevention educational activities undertaken in connection with United States military training, exercises, and humanitarian assistance activities conducted primarily in African nations. (page 45)
  • For necessary expenses to carry out the African Development Foundation Act (title V of Public Law 96–533; 22 U.S.C. 290h et seq.), $45,000,000, to remain available… (page 713)
  • For payment to the African Development Fund by the Secretary of the Treasury, $197,000,000, to remain available until expended. (Our country’s contribution, as found on page 728)
  • $1,425,000,000 …for assistance for Egypt, of which— (A) not less than $125,000,000 shall be made available from funds under the heading‘‘Economic Support Fund’’, of which not less than $40,000,000 should be made available for higher education programs, including not less than $15,000,000 for scholarships for Egyptian students with high financial need to attend not for-profit institutions of higher education… (page 861)
  • Not less than $3,000,000 shall be made available for a contribution to the Special Criminal Court in Central African Republic.
  • $451,000,000 shall be made available for water supply and sanitation projects [in Africa]…of which not less than $225,500,000 shall be for 12 programs in sub-Saharan Africa. (page 962)
  • And then, of course, there is our contribution to replenish the African Development Fund (Multilateral Development Banks), not to be confused with the $197,000,000 above- “there are authorized to be appropriated, without fiscal year limitation, $591,000,000 for payment by the Secretary of the Treasury.’’. (page 987)

In Commander Rockwell’s Canadian interview, when asked what to do about the Negro issue in this country, he said:

“They wanted a country of their own in Africa. This is what Elijah Muhammad said…. giving the Negroes some justice in their own land, not here… I think [the problem] could have been solved by appropriating some of the billions of dollars we give away to communist nations and foreign aid. If we had given that to our own Negroes, I believe we could have
built them their own nation and they would voluntarily have been eager to go there.”

George Lincoln Rockwell, Interview with Canadian broadcasters, 1965

It looks to me like we’re paying the bill without getting the benefit.


Finally, the Uniparty could not leave out its favorite pets:

  • $500,000,000 shall be for the Israeli Cooperative Programs: … $80,000,000 shall be for the Secretary of Defense to provide to the Government of Israel for the procurement of the Iron Dome defense system … $127,000,000 shall be for the Short Range Ballistic Missile Defense (SRBMD) program, including cruise missile defense research and development under the SRBMD program; $40,000,000 shall be for co-production activities of SRBMD systems in the United States and in Israel to meet Israel’s defense requirements (section 8072)
  • Of the funds appropriated by this Act under the heading ‘‘Foreign Military Financing Program’’, not less than $3,300,000,000 shall be available for grants only for Israel which shall be disbursed within 30 days of enactment of this Act…of which not less than $725,300,000 shall be available for the procurement in Israel of defense articles and defense services, including research and development. (page 867)
  • $1,650,000,000 shall be made available for assistance for Jordan, of which not less than $845,100,000 shall be made available for budget support for the Government of Jordan and not less than $425,000,000 shall be made available under the heading ‘‘Foreign Military Financing Program’’.
  • And for darling Ukraine: “$300,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2025…” (sec. 8148)

It doesn’t take a terribly creative person to imagine all the things this money could be spent on here, in our own country, for our own people. Or better yet, how about leaving part of that $8,000 per tax-payer in the tax-payer’s pocket? This at the same time Jew billionaire Larry Fink of Blackrock is telling American workers they need to work longer because this country can’t afford Social Security for its own.

This budget mess is one of the strongest arguments I can think of for National Socialism: the government is already collecting the sweat off your brow; under National Socialism it would be spent improving the lives of the people who earned it, not sent to some other people in a different country on a distant continent for the sole purpose of furthering a globalist agenda.

Amerika Erwache! It’s your money!

2 responses to “Africa Thanks You”

  1. Dan Schneider Avatar
    Dan Schneider

    Great summation. If you read the entire budget bill (I’ll bet not a single person has read it in its entirety, just portions of it) I’m sure the monies allocated for foreign spending are in the 100s of billions of dollars range. If you could ask a congressman or senator why we need to give so much to other countries, they would probably tell you that we have to help out our allies. Allies? What kind of an ally is the Central African Republic? Of what value are they to us? Egypt has oil so I can see their value, but I see no value in the CAR. They are just another Third World crap hole.

    We certainly don’t owe Africa any reparations over slavery. The idea that Whites went into the jungles and hunted down Blacks like animals, tossed them in ships, and brought them over here is pure fantasy. Slave traders purchased slaves from Blacks themselves. When two tribes had a war, the POWs were sold to slave traders because the tribes hadn’t the facilities to keep prisoners for long periods of time. Blacks were just as involved as Whites with the slave trade.

    Something else to think about. When we give these countries millions – maybe 100s of millions of dollars, how can we be sure the money is being spent on what we intended it to be spent? How do we know it isn’t being spent on rennovating the plumbing in the presidential palace? How do we know that that country’s leader isn’t spending it on goodies for himself and the elites? Is there any accountability? No, there isn’t. Even if there is, a little creative bookkeeping will take care of that annoying accountability thing.

    1. Johann Rhein Avatar

      You are absolutely right. Accountability is a joke. From a 2018 Forbes article: “Do taxpayers instinctively know that they are funding choir directors in Turkmenistan, filmmakers in Peru, aid for poultry farmers Tanzania, and sex education workshops for prostitutes in Ethiopia?”