Schnell Post: Commander Rockwell straight talk

At a time when facts don’t seem to matter and public discourse is mealy-mouthed pandering, it is refreshing to hear the truth spoken loudly, boldly, and without obfuscation.

Below is a ten-minute clip of an interview Commander George Lincoln Rockwell gave to Canadian broadcasters in 1965. For ease of access it is presented as audio (shout out to Johann Hauptmann for capturing the audio), but if you want to see the video from which it was derived (and frankly, watching him in action is great fun), it can be found here and here.
In addition, I have prepared a transcript of the interview: here.

For those not familiar with Commander Rockwell, you might be shocked by some of things he says. That is to be expected, as having been lied to for years, the truth may sting a bit. I challenge you not to take Commander Rockwell’s assertions – or any assertion – at face-value, but to do your own research and to look up the facts (ie., the debate regarding the number of actual Jews harmed in the so-called Holocaust┬«; cannibalism in Africa; the mental ability of different races; the threat to traditional values posed by the Alphabet+ people, etc.) You will be surprised- he was spot on then, and he’s spot on now.

To find out more, be sure to visit the official website of the American Nazi Party.


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3 responses to “Schnell Post: Commander Rockwell straight talk”

  1. Dan Schneider Avatar
    Dan Schneider

    I want everyone to take notice of how calmly Rockwell answered all questions put to him. He once said that the last thing he wanted to do when being interviewed or when speaking at a college campus was to rant and rave and froth at the mouth. He said that’s what many people expect of him, and he wasn’t going to give it to them. He presented himself with the opposite demeanor that people expected. Yes, it is true that in some ways, that’s what he did when he was holding rallies on the Capital Mall in Washington, but his purpose there was to do some Phase One type rabble-rousing in an outdoor setting. While being interviewed for television or speaking on a college campus, his purpose was to inform and educate, not rabble-rouse. He knew the proper time and place for that sort of thing and it wasn’t while sitting in a studio somewhere.

  2. tempmail Avatar

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