The Long Game

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From time to time, the so-called “news” is peppered with stories of some person performing an act of violence or terror, espousing the militant over-throw of the American government. As often as not, these persons are either labeled as “neo-nazis” or brand themselves as such. Some go so far as to proclaim they are National Socialists. I wish they would not.

The most recent example to catch my eye was:

When I see such things, I shake my head and heave a sigh of disappointment. Clearly these people have never read their history, nor taken a moment to reflect on how their actions will play-out in the long run.

Other than what I have read from mainstream sources, I do not know anything about the Atomwaffe Division or the National Socialist Resistance Front. I was unable to find a manifesto or statement of principals online, so I can only surmise their intent or motives from their actions and their wrap sheets.

I do know that they are in no way affiliated with the American Nazi Party – the only true National Socialist party in America that I know of which adheres to that ideology’s core principles – and, judging by their actions and affiliations, no more National Socialist than the Communist Party or Antifa.

If their goal is a state of anarchy, then their actions make a certain sort of sense. But if they truly believe in the ideology of National Socialism, their actions are ill-informed and harmful to the cause.

Here’s why.

National Socialism if fundamentally concerned with the Volk, the People (that is, our racial brothers and sisters). It is the National part of the equation. We need the support of the masses to truly obtain and wield power.

It is important to remember that Adolf Hitler realized this too. Even with the political confusion at the time, hyper-inflation, heinous Versailles Treaty obligations, and mass unemployment, the NSDAP was unable to stage a successful coup in 1923. It was only by first using the system against itself – winning the hearts and minds of the middle-class, workers, and rural citizenry, and eventually grasping the reins of power legally – that he was able to transform Germany into a National Socialist state. It took years. It took convincing the masses that National Socialism was a better choice than anything else being offered or currently in place.


We must, and will, do the same here. Not through violence. Through education and by laying the groundwork for that time when the mass of people in this country realize that Judeo-Capitalism has led them down the primrose path. History is cyclic in nature. That time will come. Our task is to help prepare our racial brothers and sisters, to open their minds (or, more accurately, wash away the propaganda they have been fed since childhood) so that the seed of National Socialism finds fertile ground when it is planted. We must win the hearts and minds of our Volk through common sense, good works, and perseverance. People want a system they can trust to protect their families and help them live happy and productive lives. Blowing up a power grid or shooting innocents- without putting too fine a point on it – sends the wrong message.

Furthermore, the overriding purpose of Atomwaffe and their ilk appears to be Accelerationist in nature: actions taken to bring about a societal collapse, the hope being that into the resulting chaos, a new White nation will arise. This is, at best, naive. First, it will take a hell of a lot more than ad hoc attacks to bring about a societal collapse. Think more along the lines of global stock market crashes and catastrophic world wars. Second, a collapse would create a power vacuum, and there is no guarantee that their White utopia would be the one to fill it: even during the economic catastrophe in Germany in 1932 when the NSDAP finally captured the reigns of power, in the election of July 31, 1932, the NSDAP garnered 37.3% of the vote, while the SDP and the Communist Party (combined) received 35.9%. And this was in what was to become Nazi Germany! A societal collapse could help the Communists just as much as it helps the Accelerationists.

If one really wants to take action that will help the cause of National Socialism, try this: take your organized cell of true-believers and clean a park, repaint a cross-walk, or guard a business from looters the next time the Black community decides they need to upgrade their televisions. Show our brothers and sisters that you are the way to a better life, not the cause of the problem.

In short, violent action HELPS the enemy. It gives them the straw-man they need to scare the masses, enact new draconian laws, and makes it all the harder to erase the decades of anti-White propaganda we are struggling against. We are building the future, not tearing down the present.

If nothing else, I do wish these groups would stop calling themselves Nazis or National Socialists. As a National Socialist, a member of the American Nazi Party, and a person who had family in the Heer, Luftwaffe, and Allgemeine SS, I find it offensive.

Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. [sound of Johann stepping off his soap box]

Amerika Erwache!

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  1. HAK Avatar

    BTW, your post as usual is exquisitely lucid, clarifying this dilemma of Nazi imitators and larping adventurers vs. the much harder work required to realize a White awakening.

  2. HAK Avatar

    Assuming a personal or political identity based on war movies, dazzling uniforms, parroting Nazi-speak cobbled from some clichéd formula Hollywood script, do not make one a National Socialist. Dunderheads fascinated with the fearsome images of anti-NS propaganda, malcontents who seek respect or notoriety by imitating Nazi bad-boy behavior, always fall into the trap intended by that same propaganda: underscore the fact that Nazis are crazed misfits who entertain themselves in acts of public mischief, imagined power in numbers via flash demonstrations, a yearned dignity accrued through multiple acts bordering on or even involving violence directed against all enemies, real or imagined, these poor souls are as much of an impediment to the promotion of practical, realistic White racial ideals as the Antifa misfits who assume the role of Nazi-bashing dark angels.
    After the fall of France, on July 19, 1940, Hitler offered Churchill and the English Parliament a hand extended in reason, to shake on an agreement of peace, to stop White fratricide. He saw violence as a defense, not a tactic. In an address to the Reichstag, Hitler averred:

    “Believe me, my Deputies, I feel an inner disgust at this type of unscrupulous parliamentarian annihilators of peoples and states. It is almost painful to me to have been chosen by Providence to give a shove to what these men have brought to the point of falling. It was not my ambition to wage wars, but to build up a new social state of the highest culture. And every year of war takes me away from my work. And the cause of this robbery is those ludicrous zeroes whom one could at best call nature’s political run of the mill, insofar as their corrupted vileness does not brand them as something out of the ordinary.
    “Mr. Churchill has repeated the declaration that he wants war. About six weeks ago now, he launched this war in an arena in which he apparently believes he is quite strong: namely, in the air war against the civilian population, albeit beneath the deceptive slogan of a so-called war against military objectives. Ever since Freiburg, these objectives have turned out to be open cities, markets, villages, residential housing, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and whatever else happens to be hit.
    “Up to now I have given little by way of response. This is not intended to signal, however, that this is the only response possible or that it shall remain this way.”

    Alas, Churchill and most English “democrats” refused …AGAIN. Hitler offered peace to England –with huge concessions on His part– 16 times through June 1941. Notice here to be made that England bombed the German city of Freiburg on May 10, 1940, along with other border cities. NO MILITARY TARGETS. Churchill said the Luftwaffe bombed Freiburg, not the RAF. Of course, what else would he say.
    Hitler did not answer in kind until September, the Blitz, hoping for peace, sending one feeler after another to England. Our Führer sought a “social state of the highest culture,” not another bloody, useless war. National Socialists today desire to re-build White racial self-respect, not accelerate a delusion of White revolution by tearing everything down, killing other White people in the process.

    1. Johann Rhein Avatar

      Fantastic elaboration. I just finished reading The War Path by David Irving. One of the things that struck me was how very much Hitler did not want to go to war with Britain, how the British people and more moderate politicians did not want another war with Germany, and how the driving force behind British anti-German propaganda, opinion and action was Churchill and his cronies.