The Department of Homeland Insecurity

I have the honor of helping to develop some of the educational material and flyers used by the American Nazi Party.

Some messages are timeless and always applicable. Others are situational and require occasional updating. One of the pieces I like to use (below) is of the latter variety: while its core message is always relevant – the problems faced by this country and our race are systemic in nature and National Socialism offers a better societal structure – the facts used to highlight this point become dated over time.

It was while I was updating this flyer that I noticed a giant leap in one of the bullet points:

And the new flyer:

Feel free to copy and paste (or print).

In researching the new numbers on the invasion of illegals in this country, I was surprised to find a government website that actually touts the failure at the border: the Committee on Homeland Security.

They are a Standing Committee of the House, charged with oversight of the Department of Homeland Security. Judging by their own press releases and fact sheets, they are evidently a powerless group of public-teat sucking knuckle-draggers who sit in a circle drinking coffee, eating donuts, and pointing fingers at each other.

They publish a newsletter called “Border Crisis: Startling Stats”. Here are some of the headlines:


Note the often used “Encounters”. I had to look that up to find out what it means in this context. According to the CPB, “encounters” consists of: apprehensions, expulsions, and inadmissibles. So… what about the ones who aren’t apprehended, expelled, or deemed inadmissible after a (much delayed) hearing? That must be the “gotaways”. In short, “Encounters” only consists of the persons we know about and have been processed in some fashion. That’s… bothersome.

The most recent “Startling Stats” also has some disturbing information, starting with the headline:

followed by a chart at the bottom of the page:

Isn’t that just swell. But wait, there’s more! Here are a few highlights:

  • Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) recorded 246,432 encounters nationwide in March. Yes, one month.
  • Since 2021, and estimated 1.8 – 2.16 million “gotaways” have avoided US Border Patrol.
  • Using their “One app” system for immigration appointment scheduling, 547,000 individuals scheduled hearings. 524,000 have been released into the US “on parole” until their hearings.
  • “So far in FY24, 24,376 Chinese nationals have been encountered at the Southwest border. Encounters of Chinese nationals in March 2024 increased 8,500% compared to March 2021, and have surpassed all of last fiscal year––just six months into FY24.” How do you say “invasion” in Chinese?
  • In the last year, 9,657 pounds of fentanyl has been seized. Enough to kill approximately 2 Billion people.
  • Not to be forgotten, we have a northern border too. 1,000 Chinese nationals have crossed the northern border in the last 5 months.

Of course, the actual Department of Homeland Security thinks it is doing a great job realizing its core values. Here’s one:


“Guarding America”

We will relentlessly identify and deter threats that pose a danger to the safety of the American people.  As a Department, we will be constantly on guard against threats, hazards, or dangers that threaten our values and our way of life.

Umm. Right.

The Bottom Line:

Our own government acknowledges the invasion at the borders. And our own government is doing effectively nothing about it.

If you believe at all in the sentiment expressed in the “14 Words” — “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” — then you must admit that our current system of government is simply not getting the job done. Founded with the best of intentions, it has proven to be inadequate. It is time for real change. Visit the ANP to learn more and get involved.

Amerika Erwarche!

4 responses to “The Department of Homeland Insecurity”

  1. HAK Avatar

    I thought I was up-to-date on these numbers. Your research has revealed data that is quite startling. So many Americans will keep up on the latest pro sports stats but rely on low-information social media pages filled with petty and parlous passions when it comes to economics and politics.

    1. Johann Rhein Avatar

      Bread and circuses. Absolutely.

  2. Dan Schneider Avatar
    Dan Schneider

    Comrade Rhein is quite correct. Each party has done an abysmal job of securing our borders. However, each party has somewhat different reasons. The Democrats keep promoting the old stereotype that Republicans are racist, so when these illegals eventually are given a path towards citizenship (and you know they will), they will vote Democrat. The Democrats are trying to build up their party numbers. The Republicans want access to cheap, exploitable labor. I will say they have done a slightly better job of securing the borders, but only so they can point to the Democrats and say what a terrible job they have done in comparison the the Republicans. In other words, they will keep out half the numbers that the Democrats have let in so they can make themselves look good, while still letting in enough cheap labor for their needs.

    Even Canada (whom I am not a fan of) has a better system than we. If you want to immigrate to Canada, you have to show them you have something valuable enough to offer them like professional skills such as science or technology. Just wanting a better life is not enough. They have a merit based system. You have to have something of value. Most illegals are unskilled workers and have little of value to offer any host nation.

    I often say that Democrats and Republicans have basically the same goals. They just take slightly different paths to reach it.

    A country without borders is not a country at all. – Thomas Jefferson.

    1. Johann Rhein Avatar

      Not sure what Canada is like now, but a number of years ago I was going on a trip there and crossing the border was a nerve wracking experience. I was grateful just to not get probed. Getting back into the US? No problem.

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