Schnell Post: The Longest Hatred

Here are some musings to add to the national “conversation”.

Until now, we’ve not touched upon the silliness occurring at US campuses – and elsewhere. Essentially watching the brain-damaged communist left eat their own, it has been fun to watch. If they’re congregated on campuses, they’re not clogging traffic and damaging private property. Works for me.

But two observations have slowly developed in my awareness.

First, and briefly, I kindly ask the National Media to refrain from calling the sheep on campuses protesting the Cause du Jour “Nazis”. It is an insult to real Nazis.

It is not surprising that they do so, of course. It is part of the framed-narrative: anyone who is even remotely critical of Jewish privilege or Israeli Zionism is a “Nazi”. It is a way to dismiss debate and shutdown the conversation.

National Socialism, Nazism for short, is an ideology focused on the strength and solidarity of the Volk. It is not anti-Semitic per se. Its primary message is positive and constructive: we wish to build a nation where our Race is safe, happy, and secure. Frankly, we don’t give a damn about the Jews OR the Palestinians – so long as they keep to themselves and do not prevent us from building a nation where our Race is safe, happy, and secure. Of course, they often don’t, so therein lies the conflict and the roots of antisemitism.


Secondly, I have been surprised to see that others are shocked…stunned I tell you… to learn that there is, in fact, anti-Semitism, as though the eruption of such sentiment was some new out-of-the-blue development of our educational system, soon to be corrected by mandated Holocaust training in our schools.

It’s not. Here are just a few examples from ancient times showing how many cultures and countries have handled the Jews mixed in with their populations (a much longer list can be found here):

  • 740 BC: Assyrian captivity of several thousand Israelites.
  • 586 BC: Nebuchadnezzer destroys the temple in Jerusalem and removes 10,000 Jewish families to Babylon.
  • 139 BC: Praetor C. Scipio Hispanus expels Jews from Rome. In 19 AD, Emperor Tiberius expels Jews from Rome, again. Interesting how they keep coming back. Then again in 50 AD. See note above about “keep to themselves”.
  • 66 AD: Jews riot in Alexandria. Romans kill 50,000 of them. This is followed by the First Jewish-Roman War. Romans win.
  • 132-135 AD: Jews kicked out of Judea. Start of “diaspora”.
  • 325 AD: Jews expelled and banned from Jerusalem.
  • 415 AD: Jews expelled from Alexandria.
  • 608-610 AD: Massacre of Jews in the Byzantine Empire.
  • 629 AD: King Dagobert I of the Franks expels all Jews from the kingdom.
  • 1012 AD: Holy Roman Emperor Henry II expels Jews from Mainz.
  • 1147 AD: Jews expelled from Muslim-ruled Iberia.
  • 1180 AD: Philip II of France imprisons all the Jews in his lands.
  • 1210 AD: King John of England imprisons most of the Jewish population until ransom is paid.
  • 1254 AD: Louis IX expels Jews from France.
  • 1290 AD: Edward I of England decrees all Jews to be expelled from England.
  • 1400’s AD: Jews expelled from most of present-day France, Germany and Switzerland. Notice how they keep getting expelled from the same places?
  • 1500’s AD: Jews expelled from large parts of Spain and Italy as well as Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia.
  • 1615 AD: King Louis XIII of France decrees all Jews must leave on pain of death. Again.
  • 1655: Oliver Cromwell readmits Jews to England. No idea why.
  • 1700’s: Jews expelled from Ukraine and other Russian provinces.

And on it goes. There are vast lists running tens of pages detailing how country after country decided that the Jews were not people they wanted to have inside their own borders. So when our own media decries the antisemitism being displayed on American campuses today and acts shocked that such a thing could exist, they really need to crack open a history book. Is it any wonder that antisemitism is often referred to as “the longest hatred”?


Maybe they are afraid someone will ask the forbidden question: “Why have people THROUGHOUT HISTORY despised the Jews?”

Food for thought.

Amerika Erwache!

3 responses to “Schnell Post: The Longest Hatred”

  1. Dr. Johann Hauptmann Avatar

    Interesting how they keep coming back…like cancer.

    1. Johann Rhein Avatar

      I was thinking more like herpes 🙂

  2. Dan Schneider Avatar
    Dan Schneider

    I haven’t got much to say because this was covered so well. However, I have always said that students would be much better off attending their classes rather than demonstrations. They are in school to get a degree, not attend protests.

    I also would like to give you one of the definitions of instanity: Doing the same thing over and over again in the same way and expecting different results each time.

    How many times have Jews been expelled from a country, readmitted years later, only to be expelled again, only to be readmitted again? It’s classic insanity to think that when they readmit Jews that “things will be different this time.” No, they will not. Some things never change. Until the Jews completely turn their value system around, they will always be the same.

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