Gettin’ Jiggy with Financial Planning

Like most industries, the financial services industry has many trade specific publications, and I stumbled across this one recently.

The financial services folks have found themselves in a bit of pickle recently: their vocal clientele want to pay lip-service to ESG/SRI/Woke-drivel, while the real money tends to back more traditional, less controversial voices- taking a more amoral approach to … well, everything.

One way they navigate this space is to use what I am sure are purchased stock-photos to illustrate their articles, grafting in an appearance of “equity”, “diversity”, and other such nonsense which the industry as a whole doesn’t give a rats-ass about.

I had to laugh when I saw this one, and out of curiosity, looked up some numbers to go along with it.

Umm. I think they buried the lead on this one.

Gosh. Only 37%. Why would that be…..

No idea. That hairdo clearly screams “Trust me with your life savings”.

Doubtless to give knee-jerk liberalism its due, the magazine (headed by a Jewish marketing executive and not a financial planner, by the way) felt it would be a good idea to have a Black dude advising your Generic White Couple.

For the woketards, all Whites are generic of course.

But here’s a fun fact: only 5% of financial advisors in the US are Black. The likelihood that Generic White Couple would be meeting with Jiggy Hipster, Financial Home-Boy, are exceedingly small.

Other fun numbers you probably wouldn’t have guessed if your only source of information was what you saw in the media:

— 24.7% of the Whites in the United States have a Bachelor’s degree, compared to 3.5% of the Blacks.
— While comprising only 12.6% of the US population, Blacks make up over 31% of the US prison population.
— 12.8% of the Black population is on welfare, compared to 2.6% of Whites.

Clearly the stuff financial advisors are made of.
And so on.

Look, I’ve got nothing against Blacks succeeding in business and other legitimate and lawful endeavors. A rising tide floats all boats. However, what I DO have a problem with is disingenuous cultural manipulation whereby the woketard powers-that-be try to force an unrealistic, inaccurate, anti-White “vision” of the world in which my people’s presence, heritage, and contributions are subtly erased. They try to paint a world where there are (if we’re lucky) equal numbers of White people, Blacks, Alphabet people, etc., all in a country or community that was, essentially, built by Whites! And even that would be fine, if the numbers were accurate.

But they’re not.

Whites outnumber Blacks because this IS- or was, at any rate- a country founded by Whites, for Whites. Pasting over it with non-sense stock photos, TV shows with equal numbers of Whites and minorities (as though that was the way things really are) is not going to change the facts.

New Item:
Going forward, at the end of each blog entry, I am going to suggest a course of action which you can do to help our cause. An “Action Item”. Too often we become aware of a problem, but either have no idea what the solution might be, or what we can do to help solve it. Wherever possible, I will offer what ideas I have. It’s not enough to complain. We must DO if we want to preserve our race and heritage.

Action Item: It is advisable to develop an intuitive “BS” detector. This begins by raising awareness. The media is very subtle and you likely have been inundated with pro-communist woke nonsense without even knowing it. So, Action Item: when you are exposed to an image that shows more than one race, take note of the percentages of each that are represented. If something doesn’t seem quite right, take the time to google what the percentages should be if it was to going to be a realistic representation of the population. Context matters, so this is where the “BS” detector comes in.

For example, 1 White guy being chased down the street by 5 Blacks in the ‘hood of Chicago: that’s probably not BS. On the other hand, a board-room scene for a Fortune 500 company with ten people around sitting around the table consisting of 4 Blacks, 3 Asians, 1 Who-F’ing-Knows Trans, a clearly Lesbian White gal, and one White guy….. time to check the BS detector.

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  1. Dan Schneider Avatar
    Dan Schneider

    This is all part of the “Big Lie”. Also, if you repeat a lie often enough – regardless of how ridiculous it is – people start to believe it. A study conducted in the 1980s by the Soviet Union (of all people) showed that on the average, if a lie is repeated often enough to the general population, it takes about four months before they start accepting it as Gospel truth. Well, they should know. They were masters of the Big Lie.