I confess, I didn’t know this was a thing. Learn something new everyday.

We’ve all heard of blackface. You know, when White people rub a bunch of black shoepolish on their face to look like an African native:

Al Jolson “The Jazz Singer” 1927

Or Indian Face (now called Native American Face of course):

Burt Lancaster as “Apache” 1954

And “Yellowface” has long been popular, and still used today:

Scarlett Johansson as Japanese Ghost in the Shell character Motoko Kusanagi. Ironically, Scarlett is an Ashkenazi Jew.

Now we have… Jewface! Naturally, the Jews aren’t happy about it:

Cooper (White) playing Bernstein (Jew)

Yes, to help him portray the Jewish Bernstein, Cooper added a bigger nose. The Jews are shocked, stunned I tell you!, to find out that people think that Jews generally have big noses.

But of course, it is not just that an actor had the audacity to try and look the part for the role he was playing. There are also Jews complaining about non-Jews being cast as Jews. Example:

“The film industry [has] a long tradition of non-Jews playing Jews.”

And they are bothered by this. Okay.

How about Jews playing White people? Pretty long tradition of that too:

Paul Newman as Gen. Leslie Groves in “Fat Man and Little Boy”

Werner Klemperer as SS-Obersturmbannführer
Adolf Eichmann

Harrison Ford (yes, his mother was an Ashkenazi Jew) as submarine commander Zateyev.

William Shatner as Capt. James Tiberius Kirk. Although not specifically stated, Kirk was portrayed as the quintessential White-guy. Pretty sure Tiberius Kirk is not a Jewish name too.

Henry Winkler as Arthur Fonzarellie, the stereotypical White Italian-American “greaser”. Winkler is 100% jewish.

Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas (born Bernard Schwartz and Issur Danielovitch respectively) as Vikings. Yes, Jewish Vikings. Pretty sure that wasn’t a thing.


You get the idea.
It’s perfectly fine for Jews to portray White people. One could spend all day finding examples of that.

But if a White person (for some ungodly reason) wants to portray a Jew…. well, that’s just antisemitic! Of all the races, I can’t think of a more hypocritical, holier-than-though, pretentious, self-righteous, smug, entitled group of … (deep breath) don’t get me started.

Amerika Erwache!

2 responses to “Jewface”

  1. Johann Hauptmann Avatar
    Johann Hauptmann

    Well said! Insofar as Jews go, let’s just say they give me the Hebe-e-jeebies!

  2. Dan Schneider Avatar
    Dan Schneider

    Very well said. It’s okay, for some reason for them to portray us, but we are not allowed to play them. I say, the best actor should get the part. Race is irrelevant. Well, when it comes to acting it’s irrelevant. In other things it isn’t. Don’t get me started on that!