Schnell Post: Reap what you sow

In an effort to increase the number of blog posts, I’m introducing the “Schnell Post” – Quick post. The point is to note an object on the social radar, and leave further exploration of the topic to the reader (or to direct the reader to further information).

Without further ado: Good News!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are certainly aware of the efforts of many large corporations to normalize aberrant behavior. We call this “going full Bud Lite”.

The good news is that people are increasingly saying they are fed-up with this nonsense, and are putting their money where their mouth is (or not putting their money in the hands of these woketards, in this case).

Some fun examples of the impact on stock values:

DISNEY. Once the bastion of traditional values and safe entertainment for children. Now, thanks to decades of Jewish leadership:

And in response:

TARGET. Not sure what these people were thinking. But introducing trans-alphabet clothing for small children and putting it in the front of your store seems pretty stupid:

And in response:

The North Face. What can be more traditional and masculine than stomping through the great outdoors? Evidently, Vanity Fair, who owns the brand, didn’t get the memo:

And in response:

Levi Strauss. The workin’ man’s jeans yes? Um… maybe not. Their new marketing approach introduced a couple of years ago- “gender neutral” clothing:

The response (wait for it)….

Sports Illustrated (owned by the Arena Group). In a brilliant marketing effort to wave dongs in men’s faces in the hopes of turning them gay, the brain-surgeons at SI have had alphabet people on the cover… twice:

You know what’s going to happen:

Amerika Erwache!