Blog Update

Just a brief note to my readers to apologize for missing the weekly post last week. It’s a horribly busy time of year for me as school gets out and my youngest is graduating high school. No more children in the public school system! I can’t tell you how excited I am. I feel like lighting a big bonfire in the school yard and dancing around it naked.

However, through an egregious lack of coordination, my wife evidently decided to combine my daughter’s graduation party with a couple of other families- at our house. So I’m scrambling to finish the Spring clean. What can I say. We still live in the “poor” part of town where we clean our own houses and mow our own lawns.

But, coming soon… Part II of the Unified Theory of WTF? highlighting the Frankfurt School, as a well as a snapshot of who owns and is calling the shots for these companies catering to the Alphabet People agenda.

More soon!