Kanada Erwache!

It is not often I point directly to another blog, but I am making an exception here. The blog/website discussed below does not know I am doing so and is not affiliated with this site in any way.


I suppose I should not have been surprised to learn that Canada is facing the same attack on White culture and heritage that we are seeing here in the “United” States. A growing number of laws against “hate speech” (ie., pro-White dialog), Alphabet people rallies, and college courses teaching the “White people bad” mantra have proliferated in recent years to the point of being common and expected. The new normal. Like the US, Canada was also founded by White Europeans and, as a consequence, the White race and its cultural heritage is slowly being dismantled by neo-Marxists.

I discovered an interesting Canadian website/blog which, like Amerika Erwache, is dedicated to calling attention to the struggles the White race is facing in the very nation it founded and built. It is called the Council of European Canadians.

Unlike this blog, the CEC does not appear to be Nazi in any way, or overtly National Socialist. This makes it all the more interesting because many of the articles and ideas presented on that website are, in fact, completely consistent with National Socialist philosophy, are anti-Judeo-Captialist, and highlight the dangers of mass multi-cultural immigration and globalization.

Case in point: I recently came across an article entitled “The German “Authoritarian” Alternative To Anglo Liberalism, by Ricardo Duchesne“. I highly recommend reading the article in its entirety.

The over-arching theme is that contrary to the John Locke and Adam Smith vision of economics under which we now suffer – wherein man is viewed as a nothing more than an isolated individual, a consumer or producer, and a resource to be exploited – there existed a Germanic version of economic and societal organization, equally viable and more holistic in nature, which recognized the interconnectedness of man, his culture, and his national community (ie., the Volk).

As the article states:

What strikes me now is how relevant this [Germanic] school is for our current time as we witness the disintegration of European nations within a globalist economic/capitalist order….The Germans accepted the Aristotelian doctrine that man is inconceivable outside the State, that no man is an island but interwoven from birth with a national culture. The State is not, as Locke and Smith saw it, a conglomeration of individuals seeking their self-interest but a reflection of the supreme need of man to belong in a community. They argued that a Nation-State can’t be concerned only with material production but must concern itself with the totality of life, with the cultural well being of the members of the State. The factors of production are not merely “land, labor and capital” but also the “spiritual capital” of the nation, its language, heritage, traditions. The duty of the State is to utilize the economy to augment national wealth and power, but this “wealth” is not strictly physical, it is also spiritual.

The above quote compares nicely with this section of What We Stand For on the ANP’s website:

A Spiritual Rebirth:

We demand that the state take an active part in the spiritual life of the racial community. Our people must be turned away from the present path of materialism, cynicism, and egoism and become inspired by racial idealism and a rebirth of traditional Aryan spiritual values.
We believe that the material life of a healthy, organic society is inseparable from its spiritual life. Therefore, we believe that the state bears an obligation to minister to the spiritual, as well as to the material needs of the racial community.


Also addressed is how this Germanic school of economic thought, which became known as the Historical School of Economics, succumbed over the course of two world wars to Judeo-Captialist money-grubbing:

“…the Historical School of Economics” would be domesticated as a school…with all its nationalistic policies discarded as “fascist” and replaced by Anglo-American “free-trade” and individualistic” economic thought in the post WWII era, with Jews playing a leading role, as a very high proportion of the major economists then were [and still are] Jews. The decimation of the Germans, and all European ethnic identities, is a direct product of the dominance of this Anglo-American-Jewish economic school.”

The article then continues to explore both the growth and importance of Germanic influence in Western cultural history, and how it is slowly being erased, pointing out that “Until WWI, when Americans became awash in anti-German prejudice, the liberal American narrative about its Western heritage was profoundly Germanic.”


This article in particular, and their website generally, makes good and interesting reading. It was refreshing to find another “voice in the wilderness”.

If their organization did not already have another name, I would write them with a suggestion: Kanada Erwache!