Schnell Post: Volk Talks podcast

A quick shout-out to shine light on an exciting new podcast: Volk Talks.

Created by a gentleman named “tC”, it is poised to explore today’s topics and issues as seen through the eyes of a “common man” who has found the ANP and the virtues of National Socialism. It is raw, honest, and clearly heartfelt: a breath of fresh-air in a media landscape of polished messaging designed to maintain the status-quo.

The first episode deals with his growing awareness of the failings of our current oligarchic Uniparty system, and explores how this system is broken by design as it follows the Frankfurt School of social engineering. [Additional information regarding the Frankfurt School can be found in a previous post on this blog: here.]

Lastly, I would like to commend tC for stepping up and actively working toward a better future. I encourage you to emulate his example and do the same: read and discuss the ANP’s website with like-minded individuals; distribute flyers (responsibly); create a blog or podcast that helps to spread the word about National Socialism.

After all, the core meaning of National Socialism is found in service and self-sacrifice; the recognition that although we are individuals, we are also members of a racial community, a Volk, and that being part of that Volk conveys not only rights, but engenders responsibilities as well.

We believe that a true community can function successfully only as a unified, organic whole in which all members of society join together in a great common cause and in turn are accorded personal respect as well as equality of opportunity.

Amerika Erwache!