Dumb Americans

Recently I noticed a story about AP (Advanced Placement) classes being removed from many schools (usually in states controlled by Dem✡c☭ats) in an effort to promote “equity”.
It seems that most students placed in AP classes are not Black® or Hispanic. This hurt their feelings. So, once again, we see a race to the bottom, catering to the lowest common denominator. Instead of rewarding effort and results, liberal school districts (in a covert implementation of Critical Race Theory) are striving for “equality” by making everyone equally dumb. After all, anyone who excels must be a racist. At the rate things are going, anyone who can READ will be racist too:

  • 21% of adults in the US are illiterate as of 2023
  • 54% of adults have a literacy below 6th grade level
  • 34% of adults who lack proficiency in literacy were born outside the US
  • On average 66% of 4th grade children in the US could not read proficiently

However, ultimately, I think this is a distraction. It’s not about Equity© or Equality® or Today’s-Buzzword-of-Choice .

It’s about the dumbing-down of America. It’s about converting the once proud and capable people of America into sheeple and mindless consumers. The Corona-Hoax was a proof-of-concept to gauge their progress. I suspect they were quite pleased with the result.

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Ignorance is Strength:
Why? In a nutshell, an ignorant population is easy to control and manage (again, see Covid-19 for more information, or any of the recent ATF rules, or the transportation of illegal immigrants INTO this country, or the green-new-deal boondogles… etc). Part of a traditional, classical education is learning how to gather information, collate it, and arrive at reasonable, valid conclusions or propositions. It’s called critical thinking.

I’m not saying everyone has to be a brain-surgeon, or even go to college for that matter. But the ability to examine information (and identify mis-information) is of paramount importance to the survival of our race and our nation.

The enemy knows this.
A recent study has shown a correlation between emotional intelligence and cognitive ability, and the support of free-speech over political correctness. In short, the more intelligent a person is, the more inclined they are to support free-speech and the less likely to be “woke”.

After all, a critical thinker might ask: “Wait, could I see those Covid numbers again? Something about the “excess deaths” doesn’t seem right.”

Or they might say: “Hmm, isn’t it odd how after trillions of dollars were spent on the war in the middle east (meaning, someone MADE trillions of dollars), we suddenly started spending billions and billions again on a war in Ukraine? It’s almost like no war = no profit. Hmmm.”

In some respects, I suppose this is obvious. It’s always seemed like the more “woke” drivel being spewed, the more idiotic the “spewer”. It’s nice, however, to have some scientific confirmation of this.

The oligarchic elite want an ignorant, docile, non-critical public to do as they’re told and, more importantly, believe what they are told without question. It is interesting to note that the state with the lowest adult literacy rate is also the one that makes the most “woke” noise: California.

I think there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye. But this is going to be a long conversation that will require peeling back layers of what at first appears to be disparate information to show the subtle connections to a larger agenda. One step at a time.

Amerika Erwache!