Our Jewish Cabinet

There is a lot going on in the news. But before ramping up the blog to cover or comment on what is, increasingly, a steaming pile of …. I thought it best to begin with an updated roster of who is pulling President Rutabaga’s strings. We know he’s not making his own decisions.
What I find interesting is that this is suppose to be a Representative Democracy (Republic). Presumably, then, the composition of any government entity would reflect the general population at large. It is a question of adequate representation and influence.

I’ll lead with the punchline: Whites are resoundingly underrepresented, and Jews are staggeringly over represented. Minorities (Black/Hispanic/Arab, etc) are actually close. Here are the numbers:

White % of population: 59.3%
» % of Cabinet: 18%
Jewish® % of population: 3.5%
» % of Cabinet: 39%
Minority % of population: 37.2%
» % of Cabinet: 46% (including Alphabet People)



So, without further ado:

Amerika Erwache!